The Bullish Club Roadmap

Phase One:

Come up with Idea
Talk to Others about Idea to make sure it sounds Good
Stay Up Many Nights Drawing not letting yourself talk you out of doing this
Create Layout and Adjust as we Go
Design Bullish Assets
NFT Generator Coding
Wait for NFT ability on XRPL
Figure out what Networks to launch The Bullish Club on
Marketing / Update Site and Server
Create Bullish Coin
Minting Dapp Coding
Prepare for Launch

Phase Two:

Generate Bullish Club Founder's NFTs
Founder's NFTs on XRPL / Sologenic
Generate The Bullish Club Picadors NFT
Release Picadors NFT on XRPL / Sologenic
Build up Bullish Club Discord Rooms
Design Bullish Clubhouse
Generate The Bullish Club Matadors NFT
Matadors NFT on XRPL / Sologenic
Design Merchandise
Create Storefront
Generate The Bullish Club Toreadors NFT
Toreadors NFT on XRPL / Sologenic

Phase Three:

Setup Bullish Club Members for Bullish Coin drops and Physical drops depending on the Membership held
Create Bullish Games
Write Bullish Books
Look into more ways to give back to the Bullish Club Members and our Communities

This Roadmap is still a work in progress and info may change.