Welcome to The Bullish Club

The Bullish Club NFTs — are unique digital collectibles. Your Bullish Club NFTs double as your Club membership card, and grants access to Members-Only benefits.

The Bullish Club will have many different NFT versions and not all Bullish Club Membership NFTs are created equally. Depending on which Bullish Club Membership you hold will determine what perks and rooms are available to you.

Below are the main categories for The Bullish Club Memberships.

Founders: You are part of the Bullish Founders. These are the first of The Bullish Club Membership NFTs. The Founders Memberships will have all of the Perks below plus Exclusive benefits since you were here since the beginning. These exclusive perks will receive drops that no other members except Legends will get.

Legends: Need I say more. You are a Bullish Legend. You get all of the perks below plus entrance into the Legends area and other perks not yet mentioned but are in the works.

A.I. - Affiliates & Influencers: These Bullish NFTs come with Digital Perks and other perks. Terms may vary.

Matador: These Bullish Club NFTs come with everything below, entrance to the Matador areas both Physical and Digital Perks.

Picador: These Bullish NFTs come with the perks below plus entrance into more areas and extra digital perks like Bullish coin drops.

Toreador: These NFTs are limited and allow you entrance into The Bullish Clubhouse and makes you eligible for the basic digital drops.

A portion of all original Bullish Club NFT sales will de donated to charity.

Check our Discord community: https://discord.gg/vQXW8RgaKA